So Many Opportunities! Our Top 10 Designs for Your Garage!

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There are so many great ways to take advantage of your garage. More and more homeowners are turning theirs into multiuse spaces. Need a place for your workbench, your sports equipment and your car? No problem! A quick trip to your local hardware store and you’ll have everything you need to design a great space.

If you love the idea of using your garage for more than just parking, you will need to insulate it properly. A high R‑value, weatherproof garage door will keep your space comfortable year‑round. Let’s look at our top 10 designs for your garage!

Hobby Room

Do you have a spot where you can work on your favorite pastime? Why not build a dedicated hobby room? If your garage and garage door are both well‑insulated, the space will feel comfortable all year round. And if your hobby is noisy, an insulated garage door will act as a sound‑proof barrier so you won’t bother your neighbors.

Renovation Space

In the dead of winter, when all outdoor projects must be put on hold, we often work on home renos. Having a workbench and space for all of your renovation supplies makes your projects go faster and more smoothly. No more using your paint gun and power tools out in the snow!

Man or Woman Cave

Do you daydream of a private spot, just for you? Love the idea of retreating to a quiet hideout in your own home? Sounds like you need a man or woman cave! Here, you can decorate your space with things that you love. A man or woman cave is a place to call your own. Whether you want a poker table and beer fridge or a chandelier and chaise lounge, make it a space that makes you feel great!

Art Studio

Photography buffs and painters, transform your garage into a fabulous art studio! Now, all of your supplies are in one place, ready to be used. And if your kids also love to create artwork, they can have their own dedicated area. Once you buy a well‑insulated garage door, your new studio will always be cozy and dry.

Furniture Refinishing Workshop

Today, painted furniture is all the rage. If you love to buy old pieces and refinish them, turn your garage into a furniture refinishing workshop. Your garage is large enough to house all of your tools, paints and brushes, while still allowing for plenty of room to work on your pieces. For those who use varnish and paint often, we recommend having an exhaust fan installed directly in the garage.

Storage Area

Are you self‑employed? Do you have a side hustle? If so, you could probably benefit from more storage space. By transforming your garage into additional storage, you can keep all of your business‑related supplies in their own area. With an insulated garage door, you will create a climate controlled room that is warm, clean and dry.

Doggie Training Area

Is your pooch going to obedience school? Are you spending time reinforcing those lessons at home? If so, you need a space that’s great for both you and your new dog. Avoid hot, muggy weather – or even worse, freezing rain and snow – by setting up a dog training area in your garage. You’ll spend less time cleaning muddy paws. And if your pooch has an accident, it will be much easier to clean.

Home Theater

Tired of your kids taking over the living room television when you’re trying to read? Transform your garage into a home theater! Even a single‑car garage is roomy enough for a large‑screen TV, a couch and a few recliners. Add a fridge for pop and a snack station, and the kids may never come out!

Kid’s Playroom

As a parent, you know just how much energy kids have. For rainy days, why not build an indoor playroom? A garage is large enough to let young kids run around, kick around a ball, even ride their bikes. Be creative! If your children love to climb, create a rock wall. If they prefer golfing, build a mini putting ground. If you prefer a quieter play area for your kids, add an area rug, bean bag chairs and a crafting table. It’s the perfect space to customize to your family.

And Finally, to Park Your Car

Let’s face it; builders add garages in order to give homeowners a safe place to park their cars. It is possible to integrate some of the above ideas while still using your garage for parking. Carefully plan out your floorplan, adding the elements that are most important to you. A little planning and a little compromise can let you have your cake and eat it too.

How Do You Use Your Garage?

Do you use your garage in a different way? If so, leave a comment below! At Portes Ram Doors, we love hearing about terrific garage designs!

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