Garage doors have a variety of moving parts that can result in the improper operation of the mechanism or the structural failure of the door as a whole. The door opening mechanism, tracks, lock and even the door itself have to be taken care of, just like the rest of your home. Keep an eye out for the following issues in order to make sure that a small problem doesn’t end up causing a catastrophe.
People who are purchasing a home have to keep their eyes peeled for any problem that might pop up after they’ve purchased the home. While most sellers maintain their home in a respectable manner, a few don’t bother and try to hide issues that will cost you money in the long run. An area of the home that tends to receive the least amount of attention is the garage, in particular the garage door. However, an old garage door system can cause a variety of headaches ranging from higher utility bills to a safety hazard that may threaten you or your family.
Is your child safe in your garage? Garages in general are filled with hazards for small children, and garage doors are no exception. Here are several possible issues to keep in mind when child-proofing your garage door:

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