Renovate your garage to increase your home resale value

Home resale value

It may not be a major surprise to find out that improving the appearance of your home increases the resale value you can expect for your home. While you may have already enhanced the house itself, you can also catch the eyes of buyers by increasing the appearance of the inside and outside of your garage.

How the garage affects resale value

There is research that shows buyers use the façade of a home to determine whether to purchase a home. If the house is run-down and shabby with windows or doors that are in disrepair, that gives a poor impression from the start. This includes the state of your garage door. The garage door can take up to 45% of the width of the front of your house. When it shows wear and age, this reflects poorly on the home itself.

As soon as a potential buyer makes it to your home, they are going to look at the exterior. If it seems the garage door is run down, or it doesn’t work the way it should, this gives the impression that the entire house may not be as lovely as was expected. Even having an interior that is dirty or ugly can run away a potential buyer.

We have a few tips to help improve the appearance of your garage:

  1. Consider a remodel – If you have an unfinished garage, one option to install appropriate insulation and drywall into the space. You can then add a fresh coat of paint to the floor to make it more attractive. Add in some lighting, and you are good to go.
  2. Do a spot of painting – A simple way to make the garage look neat and tidy is adding a coat of paint. Make sure to use a light color which will open up the space.
  3. Declutter and then organize belongings – Take the time to go through everything inside your garage. With an objective eye, remove anything that is useless. You can hang items on the wall, like sports items, bicycles, and gardening tools, while using shelving or high cabinets to store anything else. This will make the area feel cleaner, but also make it seem more substantial and more functional.
  4. Check to be sure the door works the way it should – If you are hearing odd noises coming from the door or it isn’t working the way it used to, it’s time to get it inspected and tuned up. You can find a garage door specialist who will let you know everything is working as it should be.
  5. Replace your garage door – If you aren’t sure you like the appearance of your current garage door or it’s getting somewhat worn out, it may be time to select a new door. One that helps enhance curb appeal is always an excellent choice. Thankfully, many garage doors are affordable. In addition, they offer great returns on your investment. Whatever amount you put into this part of your home is going to pay off when it comes time to bring in prospective buyers.

Get in touch with Garaga garage door specialists

Get in touch with our professionals who are all specialized in the repair and sale of high-quality garage doors. Our team members can propose models that best fit your needs and advise you on your options. You can also visit our online Design Centre to get an idea of your options and see how they would look on your home.

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