April 29, 2020

Choose a Jackshaft Opener Instead of a Central Trolley Opener

Garages have seemingly got more attention by architects and builders in recent years. When you start to look at some of the newer homes and garages built, you will find that the interiors of those garages are getting higher and higher all the time. It is quite common to see garages that are at least 9' high, while some go up to 14'. Keep in mind that garage doors are about 7' to 8' tall in most cases. This leaves a substantial amount of space above the garage door.

If you were to choose a trolley system that goes over the door, it would end up taking up quite a bit of that space, which means you couldn't use it. However, when you instead choose a Jackshaft opener, you will still be able to open your garage door with ease, but you retain all of that open space above the door. Later, we will discuss just why this is such a good option.


What Is the Jackshaft Door Opener?

A trolley‑type of door opener installs on the ceiling toward the middle of the door. The Jackshaft opener is installed with a second shaft on the side of the door. They can be used on standard garage doors that are about 7' to 8' high. The Jackshaft openers are a good option for those who want to use the area in the garage above the door for storage. There is a substantial amount of potential space there, and it could reduce the amount of clutter on the floor and in the basement. The systems can also allow for more wall space on the side walls.

The Jackshaft opener is often used when you have low headroom over the door, but there is plenty of space next to the door. Many older homes have garages that fit this bill. If there is a transom window over the garage then the Jackshaft opener could be a good option, as well. If the system is a high‑lift type, you won't see tracks through the window. You must keep in mind that the openers will work for doors with a maximum height of 14' and a max width of 18'. These are common for garages that house recreational vehicles.

Contemporary House | Jackshaft door opener

Requirements for the Jackshaft Opener

While the opener is a great choice, it might not be right for everyone. You need to makes sure that your space meets the requirements. You will need to have at least 8" of space on the side of the door. This space could be to the right or the left. You will also need a minimum of 3" of headroom over the top of the door. You should have an electrical outlet that is about 6' from the installation area and a torsion‑type spring lift system. Keep in mind that the opener's housing is 16 ¼".

What Are the Advantages Compared to the Trolley‑Type?

Why should you consider the Jackshaft opener? As we mentioned, you will have quite a bit more storage space available when you choose this option. However, that is certainly not the only reason you will want to consider one. You will also find that this operates using direct current (DC), which means that the motor is quieter than what you will find with an AC motor. It will start slowly, increase to its normal speed, and then it will slow down before stopping.

It is also not attached to wood joists, which tend to make the garage door systems louder. Since the Jackshaft opener is attached to the wall, it means that you will not have to worry about those vibrations and noise traveling through the joists. Those who have bedrooms near or above the garage will certainly appreciate just how quiet a Jackshaft opener can be.

Cathedral ceilings

If you have a cathedral ceiling in your garage, using a trolley system tends to be difficult, and it could be dangerous, as well. When you have the opener stalled on the side of the door, it will significantly reduce the risk of the opener falling onto the car. It also tends to be safer when it comes to thieves, as they will not be able to access the opener as quickly as they might with a trolley system.

The opener will also come with a battery backup. With Model 8500W, you will find an emergency battery, which you will not find with trolley-type openers. The battery will ensure that you will be able to open and close the door up to 20 times even if the power has gone out. This is an excellent safety feature.

You will find that there are quite a few other great features that you can expect with the opener, as well.

Great Features to Expect with New Openers

As is the case with many types of garage doors today, these will feature MyQ technology, which allows you to control the garage door through your smartphone or computer. They will also have photo‑eye based reversal systems, you can disengage them when you pull the emergency cord, and you can be sure your remote code can't be copied. The 8500W model also has an LED light that can be installed wherever you need in the garage. You can find plenty of other accessories for the system, too. It could be the perfect choice for your garage.

However, you will only know the best solution for your new garage door opener when you take the time to speak with the professionals about the matter.

Jackshaft Opener

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Those who happen to live in or near Ottawa will want to contact us. You can do so by calling 613‑749‑2138. We have a substantial amount of knowledge regarding all sorts of electric garage door openers. We can help you find the best option for your garage.

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