June 17, 2016

How long can you store beer or wine in a garage

Store beer or wine in a garage

If stored incorrectly in your garage, wine and beer will rapidly turn into terrible tasting beverages. The amount of time it takes for this to occur depends on how well you’re able to maintain conditions optimal to the maintenance of wine and beer. Replacing a dilapidated system with a new garage door will help protect your spirits from spoiling, preserving the conditions necessary to keep wine and beer palatable for as long as possible.

What Causes Beer and Wine to Go Bad?


Ever wonder why some beers bottle their product in clear glass while others hide the brew behind brown glass? The reason has to do with the hops content of beer. During the brewing process, the hop plant releases chemicals referred to as isohumulones or isomerized alpha acids. This adds a bitter flavor to the beer, as well as an earthly flavor and aroma. However, when visible and ultraviolet light strikes these chemicals, the resulting transformation leads to similar chemicals that a skunk utilizes to spray foul‑smelling mist at their enemies.

Any beer that utilizes a lot of hops to achieve extreme bitterness – or hide the flavor of the alcohol content – should be stored away from light sources at all time, even if bottled into an opaque glass. If you have beer that’s bottled in clear glass, you should still keep it away from light. Despite the ability to brew using chemicals that don’t break down into skunk smell, beer in clear bottles may still create a nasty smell if left in the light for too long.

A similar process happens with wine. When light strikes wine, the change in the chemicals result in the wine tasting terrible.

Temperature Fluctuations

The ideal temperature to store wine hovers around 12‑13 degrees Celsius, or 55 Fahrenheit. When the temperature fluctuates, the chemical composition of the wine changes slightly, which may lead to a variety of negative effects. Wine may end up tasting oxidized, sulfuric or even acidic.

Similar to wine, beer is also stored at an ideal temperature of 55 Fahrenheit. Beer that dips below or rises above the 50‑55 degree range experiences a change in chemical composition, leading to unfortunate tastes developing within the brew.

Incorrect Moisture

When storing wine in the garage, one of the more difficult variables to control is moisture. In a completely dry environment, the cork will eventually dry, causing the wine to evaporate, changing the taste and chemical balance of the wine. The ideal humidity ranges from 70‑75%, while a minimum of 50% humidity is typically required to prevent the cork from drying.

Overcoming the Challenges of Storing Beer and Wine In the Garage

If you use your garage to park the car, the exchange of air that occurs each time you open and close the panel causes conditions within the space to fluctuate rapidly. This makes it difficult to create a consistent space that remains close to 12 degrees Celsius and 75% humidity. While uncommon, if your garage receives plenty of light, you should consider setting up beer and wine storage in the darkest area or completely block the external source of light.

When humidity is the main issue, consider setting up a system that senses changes in moisture and responds by venting air or increasing the moisture within. A humidifier is perfect for dry spaces while a dehumidifier can be used for unusually moist environments. Similar systems may be set up to reduce the overall temperature fluctuations within the space, ensuring that moisture levels don’t change due to differences in heat.

Some people choose to store their beer in a refrigeration appliance within the garage, which circumvents the need to arrange new HVAC hardware. To keep wine in the garage as long as possible, consider installing a wine fridge. These appliances are designed to maintain optimal conditions for red and white wine, keeping close track of temperature as well as moisture.

If your garage isn’t properly insulated, it may be next to impossible to create and maintain ideal storage conditions for beer and wine. Installing an insulated panel along with a new garage door opener that lifts and shuts efficiently reduces air exchange within the space.

Protect Your Spirits With A New Garage Door

The cost of new garage door installation can be quickly recouped through the reduction of energy and utility bills required to maintain a consistent environment for beer and wine storage. Securing your garage with one of our panels and a new garage door remote prevents your spirits from spoiling.

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