Your guide to small business commercial garage door care and maintenance

Small business commercial garage door

Whether you own a service station, an automotive garage, a warehouse, or something else, you know the value of garage doors. In most cases, commercial garage doors are 10’ x 12’ and very different from residential garage doors. And, while they are very strong and durable, you’ll need to provide the right care and maintenance to get your investment out of them.

Not sure what the recommended maintenance might be for your sectional door? Unsure what steps you should be taking to make sure you see the ROI that you need? In this post, we’ll cover some of the maintenance steps you can handle on your own, as well as what should be done by a professional.

Note that if you use your garage door heavily, a Preventative Maintenance Program may provide you with peace of mind and help stave off any problems with your garage door.

Visual inspection

First, you should visually inspect your garage doors on a monthly basis. You’ll want to check things like the following:

  • Are lift cables frayed or damaged?
  • Are the rollers in good condition, or do you see some that are hanging out of the track?
  • Ate the screws that hold the hinges in good condition? What about the hinges themselves?
  • Does it look like the rollers flare at the top and might come out of their tracks?

Do you have a manual door? If so, additional considerations apply:

  • Does the door feel like it weighs over 100 lbs. (50 kilos) when you raise it?
  • Does the door feel incredibly heavy even when opened with a chain hoist?

For electric door opener systems:

  • Release the emergency cord and lift the door by hand. Does it rise easily with only one hand? If not, you need to have the track checked, the springs checked, and more.

The best way to handle the issues above is to work with Portes Ram Doors qualified team of garage door maintenance and repair experts.

Extending the life of your garage doors

As a small business owner, you need to get the most out of every investment. That’s particularly true with your garage doors. In order to make the most of your door, you’ll need to provide certain components with lubrication. These include the following:

Metallic Components

  • Rollers/Hinges – With a light grade motor oil, such as 5W30, carefully apply a thin coat of oil to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation.
  • Springs – Using the same motor oil, lightly coat your springs/counterweight system to prevent rust.
  • No Grease – Don’t use grease on any metal components.

PVC Components

Weatherstripping on the door and exterior frame should be protected using a silicone lubricant to help it remain supple in cold temperatures and also protected from damage.

Door Openers

  • If you have commercial-grade central or jackshaft garage door openers, you should not need to lubricate them. They are designed to be maintenance-free.

You can find all of your lubricant options at Portes Ram Doors

Things to avoid

While many garage door maintenance steps can be handled on your own, there are some things that you should not do. These include:

  • Damaged springs – Never try to change a broken spring of any type.
  • Lift cable – Never attempt to change a broken or damaged lift cable. Also, do not attempt to rewrap a cable on its drum if it has unspooled.
  • Door hinge – Do not try to repair or replace door hinges and/or brackets.
  • Off track – Do not try to put a garage door back on track.

The repairs above should only be attempted by qualified experts. This includes repairs to the spring system/counterweight system. Trying to do it on your own can lead to serious injury or even death.

Small business commercial garage door

For more information about commercial garage door maintenance, we recommend reading this document.

Whatever the case, it is vital that you never attempt to handle sensitive, dangerous repairs on your own. It is also important that you work with a reputable garage maintenance provider that has years of experience in the industry and can provide you with not only repairs and maintenance, but also replacements to help keep your business going strong.

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