December 16, 2016

Garage doors; who says they should be dull and boring?

A garage door is often used daily and, like a home’s front door, can be a statement piece for the house that adds both value and curb appeal. Instead of ignoring an aging or old garage door, replace it with a newer and more eye pleasing model that can be matched to any of the existing elements of a house such as the windows, shutters, architectural elements or siding color.

Modern garage doors have very few limitations for the appearance, color and panel design. Steel garage doors can provide the sturdiness and weather proofing expected from a garage door while presenting the look of an old wood style door.

Garage doors

For a more modern and unique façade, all‑glass garage doors can filled with any number of tempered glass panes that allow streams of natural light into the space and make it possible to use the garage for other purposes.

modern and unique

Growing in popularity in recent years is the rustic or colonial style garage door that provides a sense of early American history or a touch of charm to any home.

rustic or colonial

Another common feature of garage doors is a set of windows to add dimension or character. Garage doors have horizontal and vertical window alignment options with a number of pane choices to suit weather conditions, and amount of sunlight allowed.


Other external garage features such as an over door pergola, decorative hardware, or accent lighting can spruce up an old garage door or highlight the beauty of a new garage door.


For the best in garage door installation and customization, contact us and request a free online quote. We specializes in residential and commercial garage doors with styles and applications for agricultural and industrial uses. Our dedicated team are available to provide architectural suggestions and answer any questions. Other products include electric garage door openers, replacement parts including replacement panels, decorative hardware, garage door opener parts and garage door repair or maintenance services. For homeowners who would like to visualize multiple styles of garage doors, visit our image gallery to see a wide assortment of doors in a variety of settings. Then, to create a unique permutation of the available options, visit our design center to customize the garage door size, number of panels, the color, and the size, shape and orientation of the windows.

When a new garage door seems like such an easy decision, why not invest in one today!

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