Update Your 2022 Home Exterior and Make Sure to Choose the Top Garage Door to Match

The rise of COVID-19 has changed the world and the way we live our lives. For instance, many people are spending their time indoors and starting to notice all the things they'd like to change. Maybe you're in the same position and looking for answers.

"Enjoying your surroundings is more important now than ever, and a renovation or remodel can give you a whole new feeling while at home." – Sarah, owner of Real Architecture.

Modern style poolside garden house with California full view garage door, 12' x 7', Black aluminum profile, Clear glass

Interested in a space that spans the indoors and outdoors? Try gorgeous garage doors with a view of the natural world. Consider thisCalifornia all-glass garage door | Style: garage door in all glass at 12 x 7-feet in black with transparent glass. You'll enjoy the open space when chilling and relaxing!

Do you know which style of architecture is your favorite?

Whether you're building an all-new home or renovating an older one, thinking about what's hip and in style can help you build a project you love. However, trends change regularly, so it's good to know the four timeless styles while still showing off your personality.

What is Transitional Style?

2 story Transitional / Modern Farmhouse / Scandinavian style house plan, 2 single garage doors, in Flush design and Black colour

From Anne Paquet Design, this gorgeous home is in a Transitional style. It works seamlessly with a set of Flush doors in a dark hue.

"Concrete styles are less popular today. Instead, many want a look that lasts through decades to ensure elegance and beauty that never feels dated or dull." – Ashley, at Anne Paquet Design.

If you're looking for a style that will last, you can't beat Transitional as your blueprint. It's steadily gaining popularity and for a good reason. Instead of being vintage or modern, it makes a world between the two. In fact, it's often referred to as classic modern due to the mix of styles.

What makes this style stand out? A series of straight and symmetrical lines. It also has a specific grouping of colors. For instance, browns, grays, warm whites, and beiges work well. If you want to incorporate wood, white oak is sure to be stunning.

Close-up image on a Moderno 2-beads garage door, 12' 6" x 9', Black, Azure windows

Check out the gorgeous lines on this garage door to enjoy the look of a Transitional style. A door with clean lines is a perfect fit for the Transitional Style. Try it in the 12.5 x 9 foot Moderno 2 beads design with stunning Azur windows and a black outline.

If you're going for a Transitional home look, the Flush or Moderno 2 beads garage doors can give you a modern and sleek style that stands the test of time.

Characteristics of Modern Style

Modern style house plan including various proportions and wood insertions for more energy. Double garage with all-glass California garage doors, Black frame, Sandblasted Glass for more privacy

Another beautiful house plan by Anne Paquet Design, this one uses the appeal of California full-view garage doors. The garage has the same hue as the window frame and uses exceptional sandblasted glass to ensure privacy while letting you see the outdoor world.

Another trend sweeping the home industry is square homes. The idea is to mix up spaces and proportions in a unique way. Squareness is symmetrical, but depth and height add uniqueness that makes the home feel more alive and less "boxy".

So what colors are the most suitable for a Modern Style? Consider touches of white, black, and even gray. You can add in some stone accents or include light inserts of wood to make the home feel less sterile. Incorporating several large windows makes this home look out of the world!

Close-up of a contemporary house with an exclusive Vog design garage door, 9' x 7', Black, Harmonie windows left

Want your home to catch eyes? Try adding a Garaga Vog garage door to the exterior. If you want to go the extra mile, add on a Novatech entry door with the same flair.

Modern homes are meant to be special, and the best way to ensure that is by using Vog, Moderno multi, or Grooved designs. Choose a color like Charcoal, Black, or Iron Ore Walnut, which is a deep gray that takes on the characteristics of the wood, and everyone will notice your home for all the right reasons!

What About Modern or Traditional Farmhouse?

While Farmhouse is a well-known option that has been in use for ages, it's still one of the most popular, and experts believe that will stay the case for years into the future.

A black and white modern farmhouse style 2-story house with a double Cambridge CM Design garaage door. Plan #22001 from Plan Image.

Are you into a monochromatic look? Consider the vintage yet gorgeous Modern Farmhouse style that you'll find in Plan Image # 22001. It has a traditional look but adds in modern accents like tones of wood and extravagant outdoor lighting for additional warmth. Since your garage takes up a large amount of the exterior, you want to be sure it really adds something special. Do it with style using the double garage door picture; it's from the Townships Collection and is called the Cambridge CM design.

Farmhouse and modern Farmhouse are similar but let you lean into a more traditional or contemporary look. When it comes to colors, consider neutral options like gray, white, black, or a combination. This style is best noted as a combination of Modern, Country, and even Scandinavian.

Take a look at more than a DOZEN beautiful designs in Modern and Farmhouse variations.

Whether you love Modern Farmhouse or prefer Traditional Farmhouse, there are tons of garage doors to pull at your heartstrings. With accents that speak to years past, These include R-16 insulation inside steel with a PVC overlay to last. So you can enjoy the joy of wood without dealing with the problems associated with it. These are available in a ton of colors and can be purchased with V-, I-, A-, and X-shaped overlays.

All white Farmhouse style home. The 2 Princeton P-21 single garage doors add a bucolic touch to this country home. Design Credit: Shoana Jensen | Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

Dig the look of this Farmhouse exterior and want it for your own? It uses two single doors to add a dose of charm. In fact, the doors catch the eye when you take in this country home. Want them for your own? Check out the Princeton P-21garage doors. Design Credit: Shoana Jensen | Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

Garage doors can be gorgeous, but when you add decorative overlays out of the Townships Collection, everything looks even more elevated. Show off your style differently by trying out the dark Princeton P-12 garage door, which is perfect for complementing a white home in a Farmhouse design. Or you could use Ice White as the door and white on the home to make the primary distinction materials and textures that guests will go crazy for.

Ready to look at other options in the Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse world? You can see lots of options at HousePlans.

Is Scandinavian Right for You?

Scandinavian Style house plan. Its blond wood contrasting with black windows and front door, as well as the gable and beams over the entry door, which echo the triangular window and the slope of the roof.

Not sure what Scandinavian style looks like? This is it! This traditional Scandi design was created by Sarah Moore of Real Architecture. You'll find yourself staring at the light wood and its contrast with the front door and windows rimmed in black. Other focal points include the beams and gable over the entry, the outstanding roof slope, and the fun triangle window. As far as garages go, the Scandinavian style is low-key, with simple lines and accents as focal points.

Choose a Scandi style if you entertain and want to provide a relaxing oasis. It could have the look of a spa or something like a rustic mountain cabin.

Materials are more unfinished, and colors focus on nature with highlights in dark and light hues. Depending on the home's existing architecture and where you want to make eyes look, consider garage doors like California, Cambridge CL, Shaker-Modern XL, or Flush. All of them work well with the style and come in colors like charcoal and black that fit right into your vision.

Creating the perfect look with the right colors and materials

Adding several materials to a space can add a touch of elegance and charm. The good news is that there are dozens of coverings for exteriors available. In addition, many colors will be neutral and relaxing, so texture should fill in the gap to add an extra touch of something unique to the house.

Stone, brick, vinyl, and cedar shingles. Neutral is vital but make sure you use warm hues. Nothing overbearing is in style so avoid blues, reds, and oranges. Sure, you can keep your home covered in colors if you like it, but for new siding, try something different. A quiet façade in exciting materials is the best way to go.

Fiber cement planks or panels. If you are going Scandinavian or Farmhouse, these will sing on your home. They're made of cement with cellulose fibers and are great at withstanding humidity as well as shock.

Wood inserts. Super popular and in-demand, these can be used in all sorts of home areas. They exude a richness and warmth to dormers, gables, and more. You can also add light wood arches to provide an extra visual appeal to modern or Scandinavian houses.

● Do you prefer to make sure the exterior matches your garage door in terms of colors? Check out this FAQ about GENTEK and ROYAL colors.

Cedar shingled house, double garage with Princeton P-23 garage doors, 8' x 7', Chocolate Walnut doors and mouldings and 8-pane Panoramic windows

Wood is beautiful but hard to care for. Instead, consider garage doors including overlays that look similar to custom wood. The image above gives you a glimpse of Princeton P-23 garage doors in an 8 x 7-foot size with Chocolate Walnut doors and overlays.

Now that you've chosen a style, there's another thing to consider. What do you know about insulation?

For a garage that connects to a home, there are special considerations. This is especially true when it's near or under a space that gets used quite often. To save money on energy costs, it's essential to have a well-insulated door. It will keep the space comfortable and prevent you from spending too much money on heating and cooling.

The Princeton P-12, 9' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut garage doors and Ice White overlays, 8-pane Panoramic windows really enhance this Craftman home while providing R-16 insulation.

Princeton P-12 garage doors create a sense of charm on a family house while giving the benefits of R-16 insulation. With the 8 lite Panoramic windows, you get tons of sunshine in the garage, so you can use it as a space for all your hobbies and projects. The image above comes with Ice White overlays and Iron Ore Walnut doors, but you also have the option of an Ice White or black hue to fit your preferences.

So as far as R-value goes, higher is better. As the R-Value goes up, more heat and cold are kept outside. Remember that a garage door isn't only a door, it's also a wall, and it matters.

Created with distinction in Canada, Garaga garage doors can handle temperatures of all kinds and keep out outside air using many methods. The inclusion of rubber on the bottom combined with tight joints and seals between sections keeps you protected.

Canadians are the best individuals to build and design garage doors that keep the cold outside when you think about it. They also know how valuable it is to use proper insulation to save money as years go on.

So, consider whether energy efficiency is vital for you. If it does, and it should, consider the Standard+ Construction and the Townships Collection Construction. Both are R-16 and have the highest performance you can possibly get.

This small California all-glass garage door  brings a lot of light into the all white office of this lady from Montreal, Canada.

While full-view doors aren't as insulated as a steel door, they can still work well. A small door like this one can work for a study or office. It adds light and creates a space for growing plants.

Want to try out a full glass door for your garage? Try the California!

Made of aluminum, the doors have a great thermal conductor. While California doors aren't as insulated as the doors insulated with polyurethane foam, they create light, avoid corrosion, and look fantastic. Consider the benefits and disadvantages when choosing!

Ready to Pick the Garage Door That Fits Your Home?

You're in good company. One of the Top 3 renovations projects to increase resale value is precisely that.

Garage doors are an uncommon investment so make sure you do it right. A specialist who knows all about garage doors can help.

Reach out to Ram Overhead Door Systems Ltd.'s excellent at 613-749-2138.

Experience makes the difference between mediocrity and greatness. Our team will help you with the project while ensuring your style and budget are respected. Remember that a quality garage door lasts for decades. Making the correct choice matters, and an expert can help you!

Need some additional help?

View the image gallery. See all your options before choosing.

Want to customize the door? Visit the Design Centre and do just that! Look at combinations and upload a photo of your house for an unbiased view of what is possible.

Ready to move forward? All you need to do is let us know. We'll provide you with a detailed quote by email.

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