How do I install and take care of my exterior frame weather stripping?

Garaga offers heavy-duty ThermaBlokTM weather stripping that feature a screw cover and a high quality double-flap rubber strip which resists temperatures down to -22F° (-30°C) and keeps its flexibility.

INSTALLATION (note: screws are not included)

  • close the garage door;
  • measure and cut the base and the top section weather stripping to the desired length;
  • make sure that the end of the top section weatherstripping is even with the end of the base;
  • start at the top of the door and not at the sides;
  • place the base of the weather stripping flat against the door frame, slide it upward to press well against the horizontal frame, then move it towards the door until both edges of the top weather stripping come against the door while keeping the base of the weather stripping around ½" from the door;
  • screw in and tighten a screw in the first hole of the base of the weatherstripping while being careful to place the top section weatherstripping under the base of the weatherstripping;
  • make sure the weather stripping is parallel to the door and then put in the other screws;
  • fix screws in the holes of the weather stripping retainer;
  • do not tighten the screws completely to allow the retainer to slide and adjust a little; this is the reason why there are long slots in the base. Crushing the base too hard will put too much pressure on the wall of the retainer, which could cause the screw-cover to pop out the retainer;
  • put the screws at the center of the slots to allow movement of the retainer;
  • very important: leave a space of at least 1⁄8 inch (3 mm) at the top joint, and fill it with caulking, using the same colour as the weatherstripping. This filling will absorb the expansion or will stretch to fill the space if it contracts;
  • put on the screw cover by inserting one side of the screw cover in the base and by pushing the other side firmly;
  • proceed in the same way for the sides.

If you have chosen the weatherstripping with an aluminum base instead of a PVC base, you will have to pierce 1⁄8" holes of every 12" for the screws.

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