Where can you find the serial number and model of your residential garage door opener?

LiftMaster Serial Number

The labels with the serial numbers are located in different places, depending on the type of residential door opener you have:

  • Jackshaft operator: Under the front cover
  • One-light model: Under the cover of the light
  • Two-light model: Under the cover of the light opposite the controls and antenna
  • Next Gen models: Behind the access door opposite the controls and antenna

This label also has other useful information, such as:

  • The model number
  • The date of manufacture

During a repair, this information will definitely be asked for. So, here’s a little advice: take a picture of the label on your cell phone or write down this information. It could come in handy one day.

Warning Don't confuse the serial number of your door opener with the myQ serial number. They are 2 totally different things.

On the same side as the antenna or the controls is another label with a "serial number".

This is the myQ serial number, which is used to connect your door opener to the myQ app. It is easy to recognize this label, the myQ logo is in the upper left corner.

MYQ Serial Number

On the myQ label, you will find information about the logic circuit, such as the part number of the logic circuit.

This label also appears on door openers designed before the introduction of the myQ app, but they do not have the logo. The logic circuit number of your door opener is also found on this label.

Note that the labels on Chamberlain and Craftsman brand door openers are placed in the same locations as on LiftMaster door openers.

To summarize, remember that the serial number of your door opener is ALWAYS on the same label as the model number.

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