Can I add windows to my existing Garaga door?

Indeed, you can. Is it the case that when you had a GARAGA garage door installed a few months or years ago, you opted for no windows? Now, you find your garage is dark, especially when you want to do some tinkering around or even use it as a workout room. Or, could it be that you want to give your garage door a more attractive appearance and match it with your entry door?

Before anything else, it is important to know the construction of the garage door you currently have. Depending on that, the availability of window models and sizes will vary.

Construction Icon R-16  3 layers | Polyurethane, R‑16

Construction Icon R-12  3 layers | Polyurethane, R‑12

Construction icon 3 layers  3 layers | Polystyrene

Construction icon 2 layers  2 layers | Polystyrene

Construction icon N-I  Non-insulated


Need help?

To ensure whether you can or cannot add windows to your garage door, we recommend contacting us so we can evaluate your current situation. We can also provide you with a free written quote.

Should I place my windows horizontally in the 3rd or 4th section, or vertically in each section?

The reason why you want to add windows will help you decide where they should be located in your garage door. If you want to maintain some privacy or security, while still allowing daylight in, the top section of your door (often the 4th section) is the best location. If you want to see outside or inside the garage, the 3rd section of your door is ideal. If you want to give your door a contemporary look, opt for a vertical arrangement by using one of our window layouts. Finally, regardless of the layout, always keep in mind that the glass you choose has a level of privacy that varies from 0/5 for Clear glass to 4/5 for Soft glass, as an example. Your choice will therefore have a significant impact on what passersby can or cannot see inside your garage!

Try out our Design Centre to see what your garage door will look like.

Is it possible to coordinate with the windows in my house?

Certainly. Homeowners often want to coordinate the window model of their house and entry door with that of their garage door, particularly when the garage door is on the front of the house. As an example, if the windows in your entry door have Georgian-style grids, you can match them with those in your garage door.

What will happen to my spring system if I add windows?

Based on the quantity and type of windows you select, you need to know that this addition will disrupt your spring system which acts as a counterweight. All spring systems are calibrated with a maximum variation of +/- 5% of the total weight of the door, meaning you should plan for the additional cost of readjusting your spring system.

If your door weighs around 125 lb. (57 kg) and you add a row of windows to the top section, say four 21" x 13" (53 x 33 cm) windows, the door will become unbalanced and the spring system must be readjusted . Don’t tell yourself This isn’t important and, in any case, it’s the opener that opens and closes the door. A door opener only replaces human strength. A well-balanced door weighs only about 8 to 10 lb. (approx. 4 kg), easy enough to be lifted with one hand.

In addition, in order to not weaken the structure of the door sections, there are some limitations regarding window size. Lastly, when a complete row of windows is installed in the top section, this section must be reinforced when an electric door opener is connected there. A reinforcement bar along the entire width of the door is added.

Can I do it myself?

Do not try to do this type of installation by yourself because cutting holes in your current garage door and ensuring it is correctly balanced requires expertise in this field.

Whether it’s to enhance the look of your garage door or simply to be practical by letting daylight in, contact us.


Acadia 138 door (without window)
Without windows


Acadia 138 door (with thermopanes)
With windows and Williamsburg inserts
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