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Series D200 Dock Seals, with Adjustable Head Pad Curtain


  • Standard dimensions for door openings 8' wide x 10' high
  • Finishing: vinyl (22, 30 or 40 oz.), Hypalon (16 or 40 oz.)
  • Wear flaps: 4", 6" or 8" exposures
  • Head pad curtain models options:
    • PVC drop curtain: for non-adjustable applications to suit a variety of trailers
    • Velcro split: between the side pads, it allows the centre section of the curtain to be adjusted even after the trailer has docked
    • Fixed foam place: a 4"‑thick foam pad is sewn onto the face of the fixed curtain to ensure a tighter seal
    • ½" foam face Velcro split: the top half of the curtain has a 4"-thick fixed foam while the bottom of the curtain has a Velcro split
    • Full foam face Velcro split: the unit comes with a 4’"‑thick full foam face pad for a tighter seal. A Velcro split allows the bottom portion of the curtain to be raised and lowered accordingly
  • Colours: Black, Brown, Blue and Green


 LDC Adjustable Head Pads Series D200 leaflet

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