What types of remote transmitters (remotes, remote controls) can I use with my garage door?

We can provide you with remote transmitters (remotes, remote controls) to work with LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Craftsman (Sears) brand door openers. We also have 3-button mini remotes that can be put on your keyring. As well, there is a universal remote transmitter (375UT) for other brands of door openers.


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Remote, remote transmitter, 893LM, replacement
3-button remote control
Remote, mini remote transmitter, repair, 890LM
Mini remote (keyring)
Remote control, remote, universal, 375UT
Universal remote (2 buttons)
365LM, universal receiver, remote, 315 Mhz
Universal receiver with remote control (1 button)

I need an extra remote control – what should I do?

Based on the number of garage doors you have, there are remote controls with 1 to 3 buttons that can be used for 1 to 3 garage doors. If you wish to replace your remote or you need an extra one, we need the model number of your door opener and its serial number. You don’t know where that is? Here’s how to find it! If you aren’t sure of the model, we can identify it with your remote.

If I don’t have a LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Craftsman brand door opener, what can I do?

If your door opener was manufactured after 1993, it was probably made with a rolling code system. This means that each time you operate your remote control, it uses a different code from the previous time. Before this date, remote controls came with a unique code with clips (+, 0, -). As well, there is a universal remote transmitter (375UT) that can be programmed to be used with your door opener.

Can I use remote transmitters with my commercial door openers?

If you have LiftMaster brand door openers, based on their date of manufacture, there is a way to add remote transmitters. If you have another brand of door opener, there is still a way to add a transmitter/receiver system enabling you to operate your garage doors with a remote control.

I live in a condo building. Is there a way for each owner to have their own remote control?

Yes, and it’s much better than having a magnetic card or key system. Based on the door opener model that was installed on your garage door, a remote control system (STAR1000) can be installed, supporting up to 1000 users.

How do I program my remote (remote transmitter)?

If you have a LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Mastercraft brand door opener, see the article How do I program my remote control? for more information.

How do I program the HomelinkTM system from my car?

If you have a system like this in your car, visit www.homelink.com or contact your car dealer.

Remote control replacement batteries – where can I find them?

Depending on the age or your door opener, you could need a 3-volt coin-shaped, 9-volt rectangular or 12-volt cylindrical battery. If you aren’t sure about the model of battery you need, we can find out for you.

Can someone intercept the radio signal from my remote control and open my garage door when I’m absent?

If your remote isn’t equipped with a rolling code protection system, it could happen. Read this other question in our FAQ section to fully understand the situation.

Finally, LiftMaster/Chamberlain has the MyQ system. This is an extremely secure system, allowing you to open and close your garage door using a web-based application (IOS, Google Play or Android) on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

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